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The final season of Cougar Town (now onTBS) has some very cool songs from IFMP artists -- "THIS TIME AROUND" from the band 'Worth Taking', "MINUTES" from Evan Olson and "END OF THE WORLD" by Red Velvet Ray Gun. >> more news

January 8th's episode of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS is a great one for BEAT CHAMBER artist KORIANA. Her song "BREATHE" is featured and you'll also hear her song "LOVELY LULLABY", along with instrumental versions of her songs "ANYTHING FOR YOU" and "BRIGHTER". >> more news


Writer Terry Munday landed a placement with his song "SUPER SURFER" on the MTV series " " which airS on Christmas Day 12/25/14. There will be snow. >> more news
SHAMELESS is back...the new 2015 season kicks off with several placements for IFMP artists: BOY AT THE END OF THE WORLD's "Evil Baby", ZOMBIE GARDEN CLUB's "Graduation Day" & "Razor Woman", WILL REILEY'S "Drive" and JOHN J HARVEY'S "Dirty Face". How much fun is this? >> more news
SON OF A GUN: SEAN PATRICK MCGRAW has landed another one of his terrific Country songs on SONS OF ANARCHY. You can hear "HARD WAY TO MAKE AN EASY LIVING" on 11/11/14. >> more news
A new series about addiction and athletes from Direct TV, LOCKER ROOM ADDICTION, is using  "DOWN A DARK ROAD" written by BEAT CHAMBER's   JONATHAN MERKEL. >> more news

New from Bravo, 'GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO DIVORCE' will air this December with an IFMP song in the second episode.  Another great placement for "YOU'RE LOSIN IT" by SUICIDE CELEBRITY (writers Bill Brandt, Wally Brandt & Keith Volpone).   >> more news
LIAR, LIAR..."PANTS ON FIRE", a new TV movie  on DISNEY XD - for the male skewed tween and teen audience, has a cool Indie rock cue kicking off the film called "MELTDOWN", composed by IFMP's CONOR KEARNS. >> more news
Country artist SEAN PATRICK MC GRAW has scored another placement, this time in the second episode of Season 3 of the ABC hit series NASHVILLE.  The song is "IF YOU'RE THAT GIRL (I'M THAT GUY)" -- congrats to Sean's co writers, Dale Oliver and Serg Salinas. >> more news
WE KISS AND TELL...Indy film "NAOMI AND ELI'S NO KISS LIST" is using the PETER ROBERTS' song "LET ME TASTE YOUR HONEY" for this upcoming romantic comedy. >> more news
SPRING 2015 -- Dolph Lundgren stars in the action thriller film SKIN TRADE, being  released in Spring '15.  "UNZIP ME" by BELLE REV is used in the movie.  Writers are Jessie Schoen and Edgard Jaude. >> more news
MORE LOVE from HALLMARK...We 3 Kings song "THRU MY ARMS" will be heard on their upcoming TV movie, "A NOVEL ROMANCE". >> more news
LOVING THAT LIFETIME CHANNEL ...Audrey Martells sings AVALANCHE, cowritten with Edgard Jaude for TV film "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE" coming soon on Lifetime. >> more news

TOUCHDOWN...the composing team of EDDIE GREY & KEVIN COMDEN just learned that their song "GAME TIME" (which was used as the logo for Direct TV's Celebrity Beach Ball) will be the main title for new series "FANTASY FOOTBALL". >> more news

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